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Press Kit

Produced on
November 28th, 2022

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The Divys - dubbed “The Dynamic Duo” by Robbie Daw for Instinct Magazine - are a Philadelphia-based band made up of William Rule on vocals and keyboards, and Kliffee Cee on guitars and backing vocals.  Formed in 2004, they resurrected the sound made famous in the 1980s - New Wave.  Along the way, they have won several awards, including the 2006 John Lennon Songwriting Contest for best electronic song.  Their music was featured in Dance Dance Revolution, as well as multiple network television shows such as Nashville, Grandfathered, Flash, and The Carrie Diaries.


Audio Tracks

This Time


Thank You (For Wrecking My Life)

Damaged Goods

Don't Wanna Wake Up

Pop/Electronic Rock/New Wave

Testimonials & Press

The Divys' sound is unabashedly retro... the percussive pulse of early Depeche Mode, the cold synth texture of Gary Numan... and the lyrical swagger of Billy Idol.

- Larry Nicols PGN, Philadelphia

The Divys, a Philadelphia duo, won Best Electronic Song in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest (2006) for 'Freddie Are You Single?'... Their song 'Mirror Queen' is the theme song for local Philadelphia show 'In Bed With Butch.'

- Ascap Playback, 2006

Philadelphia voted this alternative group #1 at the recent Rainbow Awards!

- MUSTS, Philly HX 2007

The Divys are what pop-rock can generate when mixed well with electronic.

- 10 Recomendaciones Diarias, May 2021 Ecuador

The Divys... The dynamic duo from Philly

- Robbie DAW Instinct Magazine, 03/2007

Philadelphians should brace themselves for a pop-rock band that it hasn’t seen before!

- South Philly Review, 01/07

The Divys - Strong and catchy melodies, and compositions with a high level of accessibility.

- South Philly Review, 09/07

If you’re look­ing for a band to hit you with some nos­tal­gia while pro­vid­ing new favorites, The Divys are the ide­al fit for you... the duo is fun and engag­ing, like the friends we all wish we could hang out with.

- Queer Quarks, UMFM 101.5 Winnipeg, MB